Plight of migrant workers in a capitalist state


I am writing to thank you for carrying the informative and timely article entitled `Unite against the targeting of migrant workers by the capitalist state’ in the June 1-15, 2014 issue of Mazdoor Ekta Lehar. It is an important theoretical contribution to understanding this issue. (In particular, in the same issue of MEL, the companion article entitled `The communal targeting of Bengali Muslims by the Indian state’ contains valuable information of an archival nature that is of great value to any one interested in the well being of the people of India.)

The article discussed in great detail the diabolical nature of the diatribe against migrant workers by the bourgeoisie and the political parties, using dehumanizing and obnoxious terms to describe vast sections of the working people of India, and special attention is drawn to the name calling of these sections by during election campaigns. It is pointed out that the bourgeoisie benefits by keeping the working people divided along various lines. When the going is good, these working people are exploited to the last bone in their body, and at other times, the sections are set against each other. It is well known that the economic conditions in neighbouring countries are even worse than in India, and India’s rapid growth has fuelled a demand for ever cheaper labour. It has been the nature of history that vast migrations take place due to economic forces, and there is nothing new about this in history.

Furthermore, there are vast migrations of labour within the country itself, due to the uneven development of the country under capitalism. Nevertheless, from time to time, various bourgeois parties whip up various sectarian passions and set sections of the working peoples against each other. Thus the fight against the targeting of migrant workers with origins outside India must go hand in hand with the fight of targeting of all migrant workers. Let us remember that the working people are only one. May we rule the world one day!


S. Nair, Kochi


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