Chennai: Public meeting against anti worker, anti peasant policies of government

The rights of the people, of workers and peasants are under fierce attack by the new NDA government. Peasants do not get any respite for their problems from the current regime. More and more workers and peasants are being pauperized by the government in its drive to intensify their exploitation and ensure good times for the capitalists. While fighting for our rights, we must be clear that as long as the rule of the bourgeoisie continues, we cannot be free from exploitation and loot. The only way to eliminate exploitation is to eliminate the capitalist system through revolution. We worker and peasants must establish our rule. This is what Comrade Saravana Muthuvel said. He was addressing a public meeting organized by the Tamilnadu Regional Committee of the Communist Ghadar Party in Guduvancherry, Chennai.

The meeting held on August 19, 2014, had been organized in the wake of the relentless increase in prices of food and other essential commodities, and the attacks on the rights of workers and peasants launched by the new NDA government. Workers from the nearby industrial areas participated in large numbers with great enthusiasm in the meeting.

The meeting began with progressive songs by Com. Keerthi and team. Songs calling for the unity of the workers and Communists to fight against exploitation set the tone for the meeting.

Com. K.Hameed welcomed all participants for the meeting. Speaking about the revolutionary traditions of the Hindustan Ghadar party, which organized the people to revolt against British rule a century ago, Com Hameed emphasized that it is this heroic tradition and revolutionary sprits on which Communist Ghadar Party is based. It is inspired by the single minded mission of establishing the rule of workers and peasants in place of the rule of the capitalist class. He asked — should communists remain divided while the ruling class carries on all round attacks on the toiling and oppressed masses in order to fulfill its ambition to be a major imperialist power? Should we not unite against the onslaught of the ruling class and defend the interests of our people? Come, let us unite and work to defeat their plans to become imperialists and liberate our workers and peasants.

Speaking on behalf of the Workers Unity Movement, Com. Manidasan pointed out that while the political system in India is called a democracy, people have no say in deciding the policies and setting the direction for the country. There is urgent need to fight for deep going electoral and political changes with a view to empower workers and vast majority of our people. Continuous price rise and attacks on the workers only prove mere change of governments do not help to end oppressive conditions of our society. We must unite and over throw the present system and establish workers and peasants rule in India.

Com Baskar from the Workers Unity Movement explained with examples, how the Central government was deliberately pursuing policies to fulfill the greed of capitalists for maximum profits. The price of sugar in the market has increased enormously in recent weeks. This is due to the government raising the import duty for sugar, while giving incentives to the sugar barons to export sugar! He then pointed to the case of electricity. The government was encouraging private players to set up power plants, and then buying electricity from these private monopolies at a very high cost in order to guarantee maximum profits for these capitalists. The cost of electricity is rising everyday and is becoming unbearable for the people.

He pointed out that the Finance Minister has declared that "there is too much of subsidy". The same Minister is silent about the lakhs of crores of subsidy given to the big capitalists every year. In comparison with this, what is allocated for subsidy of food grains is very less.

Monopoly capitalists are using their state power to earn maximum profits at the cost of workers and other people. Workers rights are under attack as the center is further removing barriers for the capitalists to exploit the workers by restricting their rights won over the years. There is urgent need for the workers and peasants of this country to come forward and demand not only their rights, but also fight to become the rulers of this country, he concluded.

Com. PU. Venkatesan of All India Loco Running Staff Association (AILRSA) denounced the political system that does not care for the welfare of the people who crate all the wealth of this society. At one end, wages of the workers are squeezed by the capitalists and the government while increasing the work load. At the other end, all round price rise, bleed the workers dry and they are unable to meet the end and lead proper life. He pointed out the ruthless attitude of the state machinery, particularly the judiciary which acts one sidedly in justifying the exploitation and oppression of the capitalists and authorities and does not listen to the facts on the side of the workers. There is urgent need for all to unite against the system to rebuild a new pro-worker system, he said.

Com.Kuzhal of Workers Struggle Movement spoke of the intense exploitation that is going on in our country today. Workers are not even paid the bare minimum wages to keep themselves and their families alive and come back to work. When prices rise, our real wages actually fall. In this capitalist system, not only workers are brutally exploited, peasants also losing their livelihood. We must reject the capitalist parties and come forward to build a true working class party.

Com. T.S.S. Mani, Senior Journalist, pointed out that there is an urgent need to oppose the anti people polices of the NDA government. All those who call themselves as communists and workers organizations must come forward and fight unitedly to advance the interests of worker and peasants, he said.

The meeting concluded with the resolve to forge the unity of the workers for their rights and work resolutely to establish the rule of workers and peasants.


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