Demand to punish the guilty of Dadri murder

On 2nd October 2015, Mulayam Singh’s house was gheroed on the issue of the murder of Akhlaq Ahmed and the muderous attacks on his family; those protesting were demanding punishment of those guilty of these crimes. This was followed by a rally to Jantar Mantar and a meeting there. Social Democratic Party of India, Lok Raj Sangathan and Sikh Youth Forum and several other organisations participated in this demonstration.

It is known that on the night of 28th September, some people barged into Akhlaq’s home in Bissada village in Gautam Budh Nagar in NCR, attacked him fatally, beating him up brutally. His son suffered serious injuries too.

Addressing the meeting, SDPI’s Delhi President Advocate Aslam raised the issue that the Uttar Pradesh government was not taking any action against organisations and the leaders of such organisations which were spreading communal tension every day. Those accused of violence in Muzzafarnagar are being shielded.

Bijju Nayak said that Lok Raj Sangathan demanded justice for Akhlaq’s family and punishment of the guilty. He said this violence was organised by the state. Such incidents do not take place without the support of the state. The ruling classes are bent on breaking the unity of the people.  The state systematicallty targets this or that religion or community and spreads enemity between them constantly. At the same time, it gives rise to such organisations and groups, fully supports them so that they can go among the people and spread terror and hatred amidst them.

He said that it has been shown time and again that this state is incapable of protecting the people. Not only does it not punish those who commit such horrendous crimes against the people, it actually rewards them with high positions, even as Prime Minister. He pointed out that the Indian state is communal and its foundation is the communal blood-shed.  Its Constitution is communal. Is it not misleading the people, throwing dust in their eyes when this state and its Constitution is praised? Is it not deceiving the people to say that the Election Commission, the courts, bureaucracy and media are all impartial? Is Rule of Law not an instrument to increase the exploitation of the exploited? All of have to think about these questions. We also have to think about whether by prefixing-suffixing words like “fundamentalist”, “communal”, “terrorist” and “extremist“ we are not playing into the policy of the state to divide and rule.

Harminder Singh of Sikh Youth Forum condemned the murder of Akhlaq and the government’s inability to protect the life of people. N.W.C’s Shaheen Kausar demanded that the UP government should punish the criminals as they deserve to be.


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Oct 16-31 2015    Struggle for Rights    Popular Movements    


8 Jan General Strike

Call of the Mazdoor Ekta Committee

The all India general strike has been called to resolutely oppose the course of enriching the capitalist minority by impoverishing the toiling majority. It has been called to assert the rights that belong to workers, peasants and other toiling people who create the wealth of India.

Hum Hain Iske Malik! Hindostan Humara!

Election manifesto of a CGPI supported candidate for Lok SabhaParties of the capitalist class claim that there is no alternative to the program of globalisation,liberalisation and privatisation. The truth is that there IS an alternative.The alternative is to reorient the economy to fulfil people’s needs instead of fulfilling capitalist greed. This is the program for the Navnirman of India.

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5th Congress DocumentThe Report to the Fifth Congress of the Communist Ghadar Party of India, presented by Comrade Lal Singh, General Secretary of the CGPI, on behalf of its Central Committee, was discussed and adopted by the Fifth Congress of the CGPI, held in November 2016. By decision of the Fifth Congress, this report has been edited for publication.

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Click to Download PDFThe first part of this pamphlet is an analysis of facts and phenomena to identify and expose the real aims behind the Note Ban. The second part is devoted to a critical appraisal of the government’s claims that it will reduce inequality, corruption and terrorism. The third part is what Communist Ghadar Party believes is the real solution to these problems and the immediate program of action towards that solution.

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These Elections are a FarceInterview with Comrade Lal Singh, General Secretary of Communist Ghadar Party of India by Comrade Chandra Bhan, Editor of Mazdoor Ekta Lehar

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Manifesto 2014Unite around the program to reconstitute the Indian Republic and reorient the economy to ensure prosperity and protection for all!

There is growing realisation among workers, peasants and other self-employed people that the program of liberalisation and privatisation only serves to enrich an exploiting minority at their expense. Mass resistance is growing to this anti-worker, anti-peasant and anti-national program.

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