NAM summit in Tehran

Strong opposition to the bid to isolate and punish Iran

The 16th Summit meeting of the Non Aligned Movement (NAM) concluded peacefully in Teheran earlier in September 2012. Over a hundred member countries participated, many of them represented by their heads of government. Officials of Russia, China and some other countries were present as observers. The desperate attempts of the Israeli prime minister to persuade the UN secretary general to stay away from the summit came to naught.

The 16th NAM summit was held at a time when the Anglo American imperialists and their Israeli allies have made full preparations for military intervention to carry out regime change in both Syria and Iran. In the face of tremendous all sided military, economic and diplomatic encirclement of Iran, representatives of so many countries participated in the summit which itself was a big slap in the face of the Anglo-American imperialists and their allies, including Israel.

The Anglo-American imperialists and their allies have been crying themselves hoarse that the development of nuclear power by Iran is fraught with danger to world peace. The fact is that the biggest stockpiles of nuclear weapons are in the hands of the US imperialists. It is they who have trampled the sovereignty of so many countries underfoot and rained death and destruction in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan and many other nations. The Israeli government, which has disposed the Palestinian people and committed the worst atrocities on them, has also been armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons with the full support of the US imperialists. The 16th NAM summit declaration (‘Teheran declaration’) clearly condemned nuclear weapons as the most inhumane weapons ever conceived said that it is imperative to conclude a comprehensive convention on nuclear disarmament.

The government of Iran has been asserting that it has the sovereign right to develop nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. While the Anglo-American imperialists and their allies including Israel have been trying might and main to stop it from doing so and have imposed unilateral economic sanctions on Iran, the UN Secretary General is reported to have said during a meeting with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Tehran that Iran is certainly entitled to the right to make use of the nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. The ‘Teheran declaration’ issued at the end of the 16th NAM summit says “All states should be able to enjoy the basic and inalienable right to the development, research, production and use of atomic energy for peaceful purposes, without any discrimination”. It not only emphasises Iran's right to peaceful nuclear energy but acknowledges the right to ownership of a “full nuclear fuel cycle”, i.e. the right to enrich uranium, stating “States’ choices and decisions, in the field of peaceful uses of nuclear technology and their fuel cycle policies, including those of the Islamic Republic of Iran, must be respected”. This is clearly in strong opposition to the shrill demands to isolate and punish Iran for daring to develop nuclear energy that the Anglo-American imperialists and their allies have been making.

The NAM summit also came out strongly in favour of the national rights of the Palestinian people, with the Teheran declaration stating that “any solution requires the termination of the occupation, crimes and violations committed by Israel, the occupying power, restoration of the inalienable right of the Palestinian people to self-determination and the establishment of their independent and viable State of Palestine… The restoration of the national rights of the Palestinian people is a basic prerequisite for the establishment of an equitable, comprehensive and lasting peace in the area.”

In today’s world, many countries are not happy with the situation created by the Anglo –American imperialists and their allies, since it has severe dangers not only for peace and sovereignty and even for the very existence of countries and peoples who wish to follow their own paths to govern and develop themselves. Now Iran has assumed presidency of the NAM movement for the next three years, after which it will hand it over to Venezuela, whose current government is another implacable foe of US imperialism. It is hoped that forces opposed to the perilous situation caused by the Anglo –American imperialists and their allies will make use of the opportunities provided to counter the threats to world peace and to assert the sovereignty of nations big and small.


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