Condemn the diabolical act of beheading Indian soldiers! Beware of US imperialist plots to aggravate tension between India and Pakistan!

Statement of the Central Committee of Communist Ghadar Party of India, 9th May, 2017

On 1st May, beheaded corpses of two Indian soldiers were found close to the Indo-Pak border in Kashmir. This has led to an extremely tense situation between India and Pakistan.

Communist Ghadar Party of India condemns this inhuman barbaric act. It is an act designed to inflame passions and war hysteria against Pakistan. It has led to a setback to all initiatives from India and Pakistan to move towards normalisation of relations, including cultural exchanges.

The Government of India has accused Pakistan of organising this barbaric act. Leading representatives of the Indian State, including the Defence Minister and the Army Chief, have called for retaliatory military action.

The Government of Pakistan has denied any involvement of its armed forces or any other agency in carrying out this bestial act. The Pakistan Army has rejected the accusation that a unit of its Border Action Team (BAT) crossed the Line of Control (LoC) and carried out this crime. It has demanded “actionable evidence” from India to back its allegations and urged the Indian army to "look inwards" to probe the incident.

A statement issued by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs says:

Blood samples of the Indian soldiers that have been collected and the trail of blood on Roza Nala clearly shows that the killers returned across the Line of Control”.

While the existence of a trail of blood may show that the killers came from across the border, that in itself does not establish the identity of the mastermind. It is well known that there are many armed groups in Pakistan that have been set up, trained, and financed by the US intelligence agency, the CIA. These armed groups carry out actions in Pakistan, India and other countries of the region to fulfil the strategic aims of US imperialism. In addition, there are groups working for the Pakistan intelligence agency, the ISI. It is also a fact that the Indian intelligence agency RAW has armed groups working for it within Pakistan.

It is crystal clear that this is a crime which has been carried out with cold-blooded political calculation. Hence it is necessary to soberly analyse the geopolitical context in which it has taken place.

Under the slogan of “war against terrorism”, US imperialism has devastated Afghanistan and endangered the sovereignty of Pakistan. It has used Afghanistan and Pakistan as a springboard to de-stabilise and destroy other countries of the region. It routinely deploys both terrorist groups and so-called non-governmental organisations it has sponsored and trained, to create instability and chaos in various places, including Iran, Russia, the Central Asian Republics, South Asia and China.

More than 15 years after the barbaric US led NATO invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, it is very clear that the US imperialists do not want peace and political stability in Afghanistan. Their game plan is to keep on using the territory of Afghanistan as the breeding ground for various terrorist groups to be used against their opponents and rivals. The recent dropping of a super-bomb reveals that American imperialists also want to use the territory of Afghanistan as the testing ground for their latest war weapons.

On the other side, the patriotic forces of Afghanistan have shown through their struggle that they will not rest until they rid their homeland of the foreign occupation troops.

In these conditions, Russia, Iran, China and Pakistan have launched a collaborative initiative to engage with various political forces in Afghanistan so as to move towards establishing peace and stability. Representatives of India and Afghanistan joined a recent meeting held in Moscow as part of this initiative.

The American imperialists are determined to sabotage this initiative. They are trying to do so by making sure that India does not cooperate in this initiative.

All these facts and phenomena show that the diabolical act of killing and beheading of Indian soldiers close to the Pakistan border has been designed to set the two neighbouring states at loggerheads with each other. It serves the American interest to sabotage the initiative for peace in Afghanistan, launched by Russia, Iran, China and Pakistan.

The response of the rulers of India and Pakistan are extremely short sighted. By blaming one another they are getting entrapped by the machinations of the American imperialists.

The allegation of the Government of India against Pakistan is driven by the politics of demonization of Pakistan. The Indian ruling class wants to make everyone believe that Pakistan is a rogue State that carries out monstrous crimes all the time. It is following in the footsteps of the American imperialists who demonised the regimes of Iraq and Libya before invading them, and have been trying to do the same with the regimes in Syria and North Korea.

The Indian state's policy of disinformation and demonization of Pakistan is not in the interests of the people of India or of the people of any other country in this region. It is against the interests of peace and social progress in South Asia. It is suited to the interests of US imperialism, which wants to use the imperialist strivings of the Indian big bourgeoisie to achieve its aim of establishing its domination over Asia.

The working class and all anti-imperialist and peace loving forces in our country must demand an immediate halt to the belligerent war hysteria against Pakistan. We must demand an immediate halt to any form of Indo-American collaboration in intelligence, military or geo-political strategy. We must demand that the Government of India act in a responsible and principled manner, in the interest of peace in Afghanistan, Indian sub-continent and all of South Asia.


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