Hail the centenary of the Great October Revolution!

The Communist Ghadar Party of India marked the centenary of the Great October Revolution with a 2-day party conference on the subject of The Great October Revolution – 100 years, in New Delhi on November 4-5. The Conference was attended by Party members from across the country from Manipur to Rajasthan and from Punjab to Kerala and Tamilnadu. The overwhelming participation of youth over the two days infused the deliberations with a lot of enthusiasm and vigour.

The conference began with a short slide presentation that traced the history of the events that led to the final days of the revolution highlighting the role of the Bolshevik Party led by Comrade Lenin. This was followed by the main agenda of the first day – the key note speech (this speech was reproduced in the Mazdoor Ekta Lehar, Issue dated Nov 16-30 and is available at www.cgpi.org/node/5587) of the General Secretary of the Party, Comrade Lal Singh.

The first part of the speech was a brief narrative of the events that led to the storming of the Winter Palace on the night of 6th November and the ousting of the Provisional Government from power and the establishment of a government of Workers and Peasants on 7th November. The speech elaborated on the political significance of these eventful days and presented an analysis of how this was made possible because of the leadership provided to the Russian workers, peasants and soldiers by the Bolshevik Party led by Comrade Lenin. The Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party (Bolshevik), later renamed the Communist Party of Soviet Union (Bolshevik), used the growing unrest among the workers, soldiers, and peasants to create the revolutionary consciousness and organization with which the working class could become the ruling class of Russia. The speech hailed the Russian Revolution as a stunning demonstration of the validity of the Marxist theory of scientific socialism which shattered the bourgeois state machinery to its very foundation.

The latter part of the speech addressed the key issue of the lessons of the Great October Revolution for us Indian communists in the present period. It called upon all the activists of the Party and all communists to look at history from a political perspective. “We want to learn those things, draw those lessons, which will help us create the conditions for the victory of revolution in India at the present time. We must lead the workers and peasants of India to wage the struggle with the consciousness that it is both necessary and possible to take political power in their hands. Only a revolutionary communist Party of the Leninist Party can create this consciousness which is one of the most essential subjective conditions for the revolution.”

The speech explained in brief the conditions in which our party was established, as a party of the Leninist type, a vanguard party of the Indian working class in which all Indian communists would militate. From its very beginning, the Party recognized the necessity to restore the unity of communists in India at the head of a politically united working class. The speech pointed out that our Party had made many advances over the last 37 years since it’s founding in 1980 but the communist movement is still fragmented, with many in the movement spreading illusions about the existing State and conciliating with parliamentary democracy. It concluded with pointing out that our task is to wage a consistent struggle against the wrong lines with the confidence that all those who are for the revolution and communism will ultimately unite in one single vanguard party at the head of the Indian working class.

Following the speech, Com. Lal Singh, the General Secretary of the Party, who presided over the Conference with three other comrades of the Party, led the discussion on the main question that the speech had put forward – are we building the kind of Party that is required to lead the revolution in India and what are our tasks?

The interventions from the floor from the youth participants who presented their views enthusiastically on this question clearly reflected their maturity in understanding the importance of the communist party. The continuous schooling in communist education by the Party, in the science of M-L and the principles of organization had clearly raised the level of consciousness in all the cadres about the necessity for a communist party of the Leninist type that can lead the working class in its struggle to take over the reins of power from the bourgeoisie.

The conduct of the discussion on both days reflected in full measure the culture of our Party – that there is discussion with everyone participating in it and coming to an understanding of important issues for the revolution.

On the second day, the presentation made by two comrades was very clear in explaining that it is the bourgeoisie which has set the capitalist orientation of the economy in our country since 1947. That is why, notwithstanding the party in power, all the policies are trained to this orientation. This point was put forward with examples from the course of India’s development since 1947.

The Conference concluded with the singing of the Internationale, with the hall reverberating with the slogans of “Long live the October Revolution”, “Long live the Communist Ghadar Party of India” and “Inquilab Zindabad”!


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