Celebrations world over of the centenary of the Great October Revolution

Moscow-8 Moscow-12

Around the world, across several countries, political meetings, marches and rallies, film shows and cultural events were held to celebrate the centenary of the Great October Revolution of 7th November 1917 with thousands of people coming out on the streets.

Moscow parade
Moscow paradeMoscow

Meeting in St PetersburgSt. Petersburg


In Russia, the main celebrations to commemorate this historic event were organized from November 2-7 by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF). The 19th International Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties was organized over three days, with the theme: "The 100th Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution: The Ideals of the Communist Movement, Revitalizing the Struggle against Imperialistic Wars, for Peace, Socialism." It was attended by 103 parties from around the world, representatives of the CPRF's 85 regional bodies and activists of its youth wing.

Thousands across Latin America celebrated the centennial anniversary of the Russian Revolution with various events throughout the region. 

In Venezuela, tens of thousands of workers marched on Tuesday from Caracas' Autonomous National Telephone Company to the Miraflores Presidential Palace. "We, as revolutionaries and socialists, join in this global commemoration," proclaimed a banner of the National Directorate of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela.

In Peru, the Communist Party hosted an event at the Auditorium of the Telephone Workers' Union of Peru to celebrate the Russian Revolution. A series of events were also held in Uruguay.

In Bolivia, President Evo Morales congratulated the Russian people on the 100th anniversary of their revolution. The Bolivian government also planned to host an international meeting titled "A 100 years of the Russian Revolution," in which its influence on revolutionary and progressive movements in Latin America will be analyzed.


Several other events were organized during the week in Peru, Chile, Brazil and elsewhere in Latin America.

In Rome, the Communist Party of Italy (PC) and Front of Communist Youth (FGC) organized a massive meeting and march on Colosseum Square raising slogans. Dedicated to the centenary of the October Revolution, the event promoted communism as the only real alternative against capitalist barbarity. With the participation of thousands of people, the city of Rome was decorated with red flags. Workers and students responded to the call from the Communist Party and Front of Communist Youth against the anti-popular policies of the EU, NATO and the Italian government.


In Canada, celebrations of the Centenary of the Great October Revolution were held in many cities across the country in the form of meetings, parties and film showings. These included Toronto, Windsor, Halifax, Edmonton and Calgary, Ottawa and Vancouver.

Massive rallies were taken out in Ukraine, Norway, Spain, Turkey, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam, Beijing, Cuba and Venezuela.


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