Masses of people protest Trump’s visit to the UK

US President Donald Trump’s official visit to the UK 3rd-5th June was marked by strong protests at the centre of London.

Tens of thousands of protestors gathered in central London’s Trafalgar Square to show their anger over U.S. President Trump’s visit to the U.k. As the President sat down for discussions with British Prime Minister, protestors marched from Trafalgar Square to Parliament Square with placards which spelt out their unequivocal opposition to Trump. Right through the visit, protest demonstrations disrupted the official discussions and business meetings Trump was conducting with UK government officials.

Trump Visit

Trump Visit

The demonstrations brought together a range of campaigners focusing on issues such as Trump’s war mongering, for women’s rights, climate change and refugee support. "Stand Up to Trump" is the slogan the anti-war movement organized around. They made in clear that they were standing against those who wanted to disrupt peace. In this context, there is a powerful demand emerging for removal of remove all U.S./NATO bases from Britain. The people have always opposed turning Britain into a launchpad for US interventions and wars abroad, just as they have opposed the warmongering and military interventions of successive British governments abroad.

The opposition over the three days was directed not only to the warmongering and anti-human behaviour of the US President, but it was also directed against the British government and the Queen as head of state, which had issued the invitation.

A large security operation has been in place with over 3,000 officers deployed as the preparations to show Trump that he’s not welcome in the U.K gathered strength in the days preceding his visit.


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