Letters received from readers in response to the Communique of the Plenum published in the MEL issue June 16-30

Dear Editor,

The Communique of the 9th Plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Ghadar Party of India presents a very clear and timely analysis of the recent general elections in the context of larger developments in India and the world.

At a time when huge praise is being showered from all sides on the Indian elections as the greatest exercise of democracy in the world, and when it is being made out that it is the Indian people who brought about the return of the Modi government to power with a huge majority, the analysis sharply cuts through all these lies and delusions. It reminds us that, in a class-divided society like ours in which the big bourgeoisie holds the reins of power, elections can never represent the ‘mandate of the people’. The big bourgeoisie uses all the means at its disposal to ensure that its most trusted representatives are installed in government through the electoral process. This includes colossal amounts of money, control of the biggest media houses, and the use of various organs of government like the police and armed forces, the courts, the Election Commission, the bureaucracy, and so on, to ensure the desired verdict. At the present time, it is the BJP led by Modi that the ruling bourgeoisie counts on to work for their interests and take forward the anti-people program of liberalization and globalization.

The Communique also draws attention to the hand of Anglo-American imperialism in particular in influencing the Indian elections to ensure that a government is formed here that is favourable to its interests. The politicians, officials, media, etc in India are tied by thousands of threads to foreign imperialists, and serve as a vehicle of foreign intervention in every aspect of life in this country, including the elections. At the present time, the growing pressure being put by US imperialism on India to fall in line with its global strategy for domination poses a great danger to the security of the people of India and the whole world.

At the same time, the Plenum correctly pointed out that communists participate in elections with a view to broadening the scope of their work to mobilise the people around the program for the Navnirman of India. The value of this work must be judged by the thousands of people with whom the Party’s line and program was discussed, and the energy and clarity with which this line and program was taken to the people by the comrades of the Party.

As the Communique pointed out, the Indian and foreign imperialist bourgeoisie are hell-bent on pursuing their own agendas at the expense of the Indian people. It is up to the communists to step up the work to organize the Indian working class and people to unitedly confront the dangers facing them and to take the reins of political power in their own hands.

Yours sincerely,

S. Rajan

Dear Editor,

The 9th Plenum of the Central Committee of the CGPI has very correctly analysed the results of the last Lok Sabha elections. The elections in the prevailing capitalist system are a tool in the hands of the ruling class, the Indian monopoly capitalists, to fool the people. It is a tool to put the party of their choice in power while creating an impression that people choose the party through their votes. After the election the winning party claims that they have received the mandate of people whereas it’s the ruling class which decided which party should be brought into power to carry out their agenda for the next five years.

It is for this reason that it makes no difference to people which party comes into power, BJP or Congress or some coalition of parties. All the parties in power follow the same policies; only their methods of implementation change. Some are overtly divisive and communal while others do it covertly. All of them pretend to be pro-people in their own way while implementing pro-rich policies.

In a class divided society, it cannot be anything other than the rule of one class over another. The economically dominant class also becomes politically dominant. Most political parties represent the interests of one group of capitalists or another in our country. The elections decide which group of monopoly capitalists will have an upper hand for the next five years through their representative party.

The communique has correctly pointed out that elections are a mechanism to sort out fights between different monopoly groups “peacefully”. Democracy in the present system is only for the capitalist class; workers and peasants have no rights other than casting their vote once in five years.  

The whole election system is rigged in favour of parties representing the interests of the ruling class. Candidates fighting for the interests of workers and peasants have no chance of getting elected. The results of the last Lok Sabha elections once again showed that thousands of candidates across the country who had tirelessly worked for the rights and welfare of toiling people and who wanted to take the voice of workers and peasants to Lok Sabha had no chance of getting elected.

Another important aspect brought out by the Communique of the Central committee of the CGPI is the role of the foreign monopolies and imperialist powers, particularly of USA, in the last Lok Sabha elections. US imperialism has been making all out efforts to pull India into its camp to serve its geo-political goals. It wanted a party in power which is more favourable to US. US greatly influenced the Lok Sabha elections with the help of US monopolies. The growing influence of the US and its friendship with India is indeed very dangerous for people of our country, as pointed out by the Communique.

 The CGPI must be congratulated for demonstrating how the election arena in the present system should be used to expose the present system, to expose the myths deliberately created to fool people and to organize people to build a new political and economic system, i.e., for the Navnirmaan of India.

Yours sincerely,

Ramesh, Vishwakarma

Dear Editor

I read The Communique of the 9th Plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Ghadar Party, published in the June 16-31 issue of MEL with great interest. One can’t but be impressed with the depth of analysis of the current geo-political situation in the world and the clarity of thought of our comrades in the party, who summed up the work of our party during the elections and the outcome of these elections and what they mean for all of us.

I have read so many commentaries on the outcome of the recent elections, available in the media (both print and electronic) and all of them keep on the repeating the same lie over and over again that it is the people who elect those who rule India.

First, it is not the party or the coalition of “politicians’ who rule India. As our party has once again reiterated in the communique, in a class divided society, it is the class which rules and today the monopoly capitalists hold the state power. They select whom they would like to entrust the task of implementing their agenda during the next five years. The so called “democratic elections” are orchestrated to provide the legitimacy to the rule of the monopoly capitalists in the India. The party which the monopoly capitalists of India select to manage the affairs of the state on their behalf, wins the elections. The narrative during the elections is also so designed and the issues which are discussed and debated ad infinitum are so selected, that the people are led to voting for the party which the ruling class has selected. This electoral process has been perfected by the monopoly capitalists over the years so that despite people having won the right to vote (universal franchise), in order to select “the peoples’ representatives”, there is no threat whatsoever to the rule of the monopoly capitalists. The system has been perfected to a degree, that it is almost impossible for peoples’ representatives to win in the elections.

It is very clear what the agenda of the Indian monopoly capitalists is – aggressive privatization of various sectors of the economy through which the monopoly capitalists can acquire the public assets and increase their profits further, guaranteeing ease of acquiring land which is an asset in short supply today, the labour reforms so that they can maximize their share of the surplus being produced and reduce the share of toilers (workers and peasants) in the wealth which the hard working people have created and also, lining up the people, through vicious propaganda and spreading hate and lies, behind their imperialist agenda which is to align with US imperialists at this juncture.

The role of US imperialism is also very well brought out in the communique. The introduction of digital media and its use has made the job of spreading lies even easier for the monopoly capitalists. The whole history of last century shows that Anglo-American imperialists have destroyed countries (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya recently), engineered regime changes in many parts of the world through various nefarious means. It remains the only rogue state in the world which has killed and maimed millions of people using atomic bomb. It violates all international norms of civilized behaviour amongst nations and peoples. It does not respect sovereignty of nations and international treaties and agreements. It has created and financed groups to create havoc in the world. Anglo-American imperialists are currently working on mobilizing the Indian monopoly capitalists in support of their plans to “contain China, weaken Russia and isolate Iran”.

It is very clear that the Indian ruling class is taking the country on a very dangerous path, a threat to the life and liberty to peoples not only in this subcontinent but all over the world. I agree with the conclusions of the plenum that all of us must work with the aim of preparing our fellow workers and peasants to seize political power in their own hands and build a new India. Our program is the Navnirman of India which means reorientation of the economy to fulfil the needs of our people and an anti-imperialist foreign policy which will strengthen our unity against imperialist wars.

Yours sincerely,

Nand Kumar Gayakwad


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